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Couple Therapy Project

CT: Clients

  • Direct clients: Clients directly approach Medisex for appointments by calling the clinic during working hours. They are given information about availability and fees of the couple therapists.
  • Referred by court: Couples who have initiated separation through the court and are mandated to go for therapy may be directed to Medisex. Additionally, we have our own cell in the family court to give initial counseling sessions to quarreling couples who come in seeking divorce.
  • Referred by NGOs: Reputed NGOs such as Vanitha Sahayavani refer clients who need counseling or therapeutic assistance.
  • Referred by others: Reference can be made by others, therapists, gynecologists, psychiatrists etc.
  • Group Therapy: Couples may also participate in Couples Group Therapy wherein they interact with other couples in a meaningful way, get support for their marital concerns and deepen the connection within their marriage.
  • Video conference: Sessions can also be conducted through video conference for those couples who are unable to come to the clinic for the sessions.

Task Force – Apart from trained therapists in our team, we see the need to collaborate with professionals from other fields to help take our vision forward. To this end, some of the professional tie-ups we have are:

  • Judiciary system: Judges and mediators in matters of divorce.
  • NGOs
  • Social Activist Groups
  • MBAs
  • Volunteers
  • Facilitators for awareness Programmes

CT: Teaching:

  • Colleges: Therapists at Medisex visit colleges of psychology and psychotherapy to conduct workshops and seminars on couples therapy.
  • Open Varsities: Dr. Chebbi is a resource person at Manasa Education Foundation for Mental Health and has been conducting workshops for their students.
  • Courses offered by Medisex: A series of training workshops on Couples Therapy are conducted at Medisex for professionals and students. These workshops would focus on the various models of couples therapy with a hands on, practical approach to training.
  • Private Teaching:
  • CT Training: Apart from the workshops, Dr. Chebbi also takes in trainees for Couples Therapy. Individuals who are highly motivated to learn and to excel in this field are provided extensive resources as well as supervised training.

Public Reach:

  • TV/Radio programmes: Dr. Vinod Chebbi often does interviews and public awareness sessions on TV and Radio. He has appeared on Raj Music, Karnataka daily from July 2013 to January 2014 speaking about sexuality, marital and psychological concerns.
  • Public programmes: Sahaspandana is a live, open Q&A forum on sexuality and marriage conducted by Dr Chebbi.
  • Film/ documentaries: Ochre Pictures, a Singapore based TV & Film Production Company for both Narrative and Factual programmes, made a creative film on Dr. Chebbi’s workshop for couples titled The Evolution of Marriage.
  • Columns and periodicals: Dr. Chebbi’s has had a decade long collaboration with the popular weekly Kannada magazine Sudha. His weekly Q&A forum called Sukhibhava on sexual concerns has garnered a huge following.
  • Couples Helpline: An open telephone line for a fixed number of hours a week for couples to speak to our counselors about their concerns.
  • Professional Circles: Medisex is constantly involved in interacting with other professionals in the field. To that end, we host a weekly Study Group Meet for those actively involved in counseling, psychotherapy and couples therapy to discuss and bring to light different facets and new trends in therapy.
  • Publish books/ articles:

Awareness Programmes:

  • For judiciary: Judges often have difficulty in deciphering the arguments and concerns of couples seeking divorce. Judicial decisions in such matters can be tricky with lack of concrete evidence. Medisex provides basic training for judges and mediators to better understand and help couples come to a settlement.
  • For corporate sector: With the increasing struggle faced by couples in the corporate field, Medisex seeks to provide workshops and seminars on common couples concerns as well as specific issues like work-life balance and marriage enrichment.
  • Public programmes:
  • Pre-marital counseling: Along with having pre-marital counseling sessions, Medisex also conducts workshops for couples preparing for marriage, helping them build a strong and healthy relationship through awareness.
  • Marriage Enrichment Programmes: Couples Therapy is not only for those struggling to deal with pressing issues, but it can also help stable couples enhance their relationship and help create synergy.



Medisex Foundation, (formerly known as Foundation of Sexual Medicine) is set up to help people have a healthy sense of sexuality; improve emotional and sexual intimacy in marriage; and have healthy and proactive family relationships.

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