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Dr. Nachiketha Chebbi

Graduate of The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy Training under Ellyn Bader Ph.D. at The Couples Institute.


“I’m Dr. Nachiketha Chebbi, I have completed my BAMS, MS (Psychotherapy) and have been into medical practice for 7 years now. I have done my Couples Therapy course led by Dr. Ellyn Bader, Ph.D. and Dr. Peter Pearson Ph.D. from ‘The Couples Institute’ Menlo park, California, USA. I’m a certified Couples Therapist credited by the Institute for the Advancement of Human Behaviour (IAHB), Santa Rosa, CA, USA., approved by the American Psychological Association and California Board of Behavioural Sciences. I also got a chance to do the couple therapy course led by the popular couples psychology researchers Dr. Julie and Dr. John Gottman. I have learnt about Human Sexuality and approaches to deal with the sexual issues by attending advanced courses in ‘Diagnosis and Treatment of Sexual Issues’ led by the internationally renowned Sex therapist Dr. Marty Klein, USA. I’m glad to have found opportunities to do the couple sex therapy courses led by stalwarts in this field- Dr. Esther Perel, Dr. Susan Johnson, Dr. Janina Fisher, Michele Weiner- Davis, Ian Kerner, Dr. Suzanne Lasenza and others. I’m trained by Dr. Vinod Chebbi, a renowned Sex, Marriage and Psychotherapist. I have imbibed knowledge in the field of Sexology, Sex therapy, Psychotherapy and Couples therapy by attending various workshops and conferences at national and regional platforms. I’m a member of Council of Sex Education & Parenthood International (CSEPI) and have been regularly updating my knowledge in this field. My special areas of work are handling various dimensions of Human Sexuality and Relationships with lot of psychology in it and mindfulness based approach in Psychotherapy. I’m a Sexuality Educator, Counselor and Sex Therapist at Medisex Foundation presently. I provide sexuality education to my clients in need, handle medical issues related to sex/ sexual problems and treat psycho-sexual issues. I’m also an active student of psychology and spirituality. I have attended and experienced the Vipassana meditation course, an intensive self-exploratory technique to understand oneself in a more real, actual and deeper sense. This has uplifted my caliber in understanding human mind which is the source and cause of most of the difficulties, be it Psychological, Sexual or Relational. I’m glad to tell you that my clients express that they experience a secured and safe space with me that enables them to comfortably share out their concerns. I really appreciate and respect their trust in me. I will be happy to help u which is one of the good reasons why I’m here. Should you have any queries or doubts before seeing me, I appreciate you to contact me. “



Medisex Foundation, (formerly known as Foundation of Sexual Medicine) is set up to help people have a healthy sense of sexuality; improve emotional and sexual intimacy in marriage; and have healthy and proactive family relationships.

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